Tell it to breathe

What we express will be seen at a distance. This activates a process of acceptance and integration.

Listening to oneself and one’s emotions, accepting oneself as we are, we can rediscover our inner space of trust, justice and freedom.

Create connexion

Let’s cultivate relationships also with those who have different opinions, and overcome distrust. This historic moment is global and unique. 

Connected throughout the world and with our earth, we will build bridges, pave them with deep listening and compassion. Life and love are stronger than adversity.

The stability of living things is built on diversity and mutual support. Our lives are interwoven, no distance can separate us.

Let’s keep in mind the priorities: to take care of our mother earth. She feeds us.


Create memories

Today becomes tomorrow’s history

Without stories and testimonials there will be nothing to be learned and improved from the past.

Speaking out so that tomorrow’s history can be co-written by you and me. Let us bear witness also for those who are not given a voice: it’s an act of solidarity.

Think freely

with lucidity

Go your own path

Uncertainty and fear affect our cognitive functions and also inhibit creativity and clear thinking.

It is not a matter of being right or wrong, but of preserving freedom of thought.

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